About Aspire

Aspire is a Community Interest Company formed by the Caribbean Associations Group to be the legal entity that represents and acts on behalf of Reading’s black community associated with the highly aspirational bid for the Central Club building and site. The Caribbean Associations Group is the coordinating/umbrella organisation for The Jamaica Society & Friends, (JS&F) The Barbados & Friends Association (BAFA) and The St Vincent & Grenadines Association (SVGA). Aspire raised £10Million to fund their compelling bid to acquire and develop the Central Club site in Reading. The bid has the backing of 20 Reading based community groups.

Protests over future of Reading black Culture Mural

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    Our Vision

    To be at the heart of building a cohesive community where people of African-Caribbean heritage have a shared vision and a sense of belonging; where people of different backgrounds are appreciated and have equal life opportunities.

    Our Mission

    To build, own and operate a trailblazing ‘Community Hub’ to anchor the diaspora, creating facilities and environments where all communities can live, work and play.

    Our Goals

    To develop a landmark building that reflects our heritage and our aspiration

    • To be at the leading edge of Black heritage human capital development
    • To showcase our creativity through culture, sports, arts & science
    • To be exemplars in the field of business & enterprise
    • To build and make available housing for those in need
    • To provide venues for our community to entertain, celebrate & educate
    • To be recognised as the one stop shop for defining our community needs
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